Daylight on a Summer Branch*

June 9, 2011

Ruby Powers reading her winning poem, "Daylight on a Summer Branch"

2011 Merit Award
By Ruby Powers, 3rd grade

Daylight on a Summer Branch

Shining dazzling green
Like a turtle’s back
Wet with dew
Mother Nature’s magnifying glass

The branch’s needles weave and bend
Tickling my hand
Make me have
Warm fun thoughts

The dew is now evaporated
but is still here, still here, still here

*Copyright 2011 by Ruby Powers. Photos by Karee Wardrop.

contest judges Stan Tag and Maria McLeod watching Ruby read
Contest judges, Stan Tag and Maria McLeod, watching Ruby read her poem

2 Responses to “Daylight on a Summer Branch*”

  1. Susan J. Erickson Says:

    I admire this poem and love the line “Mother Nature’s magnifying glass.” which reminds me of Emily Dickinson. Way to go, Ruby.

  2. Bev Koerner Says:

    Great work Ruby! It’s hard to believe that at your young age you could write sucha wonderful poem about nature. Ilove the end…it is somewhere!

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