May 16, 2012

Sue C. Boynton Poetry Contest committee 2012
If you’ve ever organized a contest — poetry or otherwise — and all the related events and materials and funding and communications, you know it takes a lot of time and energy to make it work. This group of writers, teachers, artists and businesspeople — all volunteers — is responsible for the success of the 7th annual Sue C. Boynton Poetry Contest.

They are, from left: (seated) Judy Kleinberg and Sheila Sondik (co-chairs); (standing) Nancy Canyon, Rachel Ballard, Joan Packer, Susan J. Erickson, Ellie Rogers, Tim Lucy, Christine Kendall and Norman L. Green.


If you love poetry, live in Whatcom County and have time and skills you’d like to apply to the success of next year’s contest (starting with a meeting this Sunday, May 20), please leave a Comment on this post or send a message to BoyntonPoetryContest AT hotmail DOT com and we’ll contact you!
photo by Karee Wardrop

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