June 21, 2012

Margarethe Zubler-Keller ~ Words

2012 Walk Award
By Margarethe Zubler-Keller


Oh they harass me
tease me in flocks, like midges, when I have no pen
tickle my ears
and hover, taunting
pointing, look, look, look
metaphors and similes pile up in clumsy heaps
elbowing one another

they dance, they wink and flirt
they cavort; they cavort! and when I reach
for a pencil they flit in the blink
of an ear

I try to make them hold hands
they switch places
they play tag
they shuffle; hangdog

they cast each other sidelong glances
and giggle

I can sometimes pin them to the paper

but that seems
almost cruel

*Copyright 2012 by Margarethe Zubler-Keller. Placard design by Egress Studio.

2 Responses to “WORDS*”

  1. snowbirdpress Says:

    This is a delightful poem… the words fairly dance off the page! 🙂 They often do that to me too!!!

  2. Sandra F. Lucke Says:

    Miss Margarethe, Hope you almost liked the award ceremonies and have your poster at home designed by Anita. I like the hefty aspect of your poem WORDS, while somewhat light-hearted the writing speaks to a mature writer. Thanks again for putting this forth.
    Best to you,

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