Ode to Cats*

June 25, 2012

Maria Frazey ~ Ode to Cats

2012 Merit Award
By Maria Frazey, 6th grade

Ode to Cats

Small and furry, with whiskers and claws,
Cats are the cutest of creatures. My cat is black,
With pumpkins for eyes, and purrs like the engine of a car.
Her small feet pad on the ground when she hears me call.
At night she sleeps by my feet, a warm cat on my toes.
My brother has a cat;
She is black and white, like an old photograph.
Across the street there is a kitten.
It likes to hide under the car.
It is black, like my cat,
And runs from the neighborhood children.
There are many other cats around here,
Some gray, some spotted,
Some orange, some black as night.
They meow, they purr, they hiss.
Sometimes when I am walking down the street,
I see a cat darting under a bush or sitting on a fence.
I see cats in windows of houses, or hunting for mice.
Sometimes a cat will walk up to me, begging to be petted.
I stroke its soft fur; it looks up at me and mews.
Cats are my favorite animals, because of their cute eyes,
And small paws, and curvy tails.

*Copyright 2012 by Maria Frazey. Placard design by Egress Studio.

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