Small Things*

June 26, 2012

Jon Orvik ~ Small Things

2012 Merit Award
By Jon A. Orvik

Small Things

I’m sure something like this has happened to you.
Walking on a trail you stop and see a flower
so impossibly tiny and yet the mirror
of something you recognize, something much larger.
And the mind wonders how
one large, the other small, yet the same.
I am amazed more by the pinhead replica of a lily
than by the familiar variety; something to do
with the wonder of what is behind it all.
The minuscule recedes to vanishing,
a point beyond our knowledge.
But we do have clues don’t we:
science of the double helix—
imagine those strings uncoiling,
reaching out to others to form something new.

Diotima taught Socrates not to be seduced
by the beauty of things
that are but the semblance of beauty itself.
A beauty we never fully know,
but can marvel at its semblance
here on a dusty trail.

*Copyright 2012 by Jon A. Orvik. Placard design by Egress Studio.

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