sew, sew, sew your poem…

August 19, 2012

Kerry Larkin quiltIf recent posts (here, here) are any indication, there is a growing affinity between the written word and the stitched word. Perhaps it has to do with the slow, methodical process, or perhaps with the desire to hold words close to the body.

At any rate, here’s another addition to the stunningly sewn: the quilts of Kerry Larkin. Larkin is a Colorado quilter, who, with her team of artisans, in a script she calls comma cursive, stitches “original poems and stories about life and adventure” through layers of cotton fabric to create dream-inspiring poem quilts. Here’s more about Kerry Larkin and her business, Comma Workshop (and also on Facebook).
Thanks again to the ever-alert Harriet.


2 Responses to “sew, sew, sew your poem…”

  1. Sandra F. Lucke Says:

    County fairs everywhere.
    Cotton candy, curly fries.
    Ribbons for 4-H,
    dahlias, calves, and cakes.

    Stand-up comedy–funny.
    Country music–stomp’in.
    Carnival riders scream’in.

    Stopped at bees & honey.
    Helen Terpsma quilted
    scenes she loves,
    grand as a wall hanging.

    Busy time, nothing spared,
    must finish the work.
    You know what happens
    when Summer is done.

    (c) 2012, Sandra F. Lucke
    photo attached NW Washington Fair
    quilt wall hanging on display

  2. libearyn Says:

    Reblogged this on Because of Him and commented:
    This reminds me of a class I took at Adelphi with Jacqueline Jones LaMon! We studied all manner of chapbooks and types of poetry that were way outside the box. Thank you Sue!

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