October 16, 2012

Nancy Canyon - CJ Prince

Mark your calendar for Saturday, October 20, 2012, and join Nancy Canyon and C.J. Prince at 7:00pm in the Village Books Readings Gallery as they weave tales from their latest books.

Nancy Canyon’s new eBook, Dark Forest, is a collection of poignant short-short stories based on the author’s life growing up in Eastern Washington. New Libri Press of Seattle published this collection as part of Coffee Break Shorts. Nancy’s artwork adorns the cover of Dark Forest.

Catching My Breath is a book with three stories that all involve women in the process of learning about packing: what to take, what to leave behind, who to talk to about it all. The change starts when you make the decision that, this time, “I’m packing my own bags on this journey of life.” C.J. Prince will read her story from the collection. Prince has written for the anthology Leaning Into the Wind: Women Write from the Heart of the West, as well as columns, feature stories, book reviews and articles for several Colorado newspapers.

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