The Goat Island Battery*

July 28, 2013

Malcolm Kenyon - The Goat Island Battery
2013 Walk Award
By Malcolm H. Kenyon

Monuments to changed perceptions
these batteries once covered every estuary
strait and cove in Puget Sound,

Our continent a land-locked ship
with twelve-inch rifles aimed
at ghosts who never came

Each rock and headland honeycombed
with concrete revetments and magazines
once-filled with real-live men

Who scanned the night for threats
which lay beyond the range of guns—
the world stayed out of reach and war

Evolved in Asia. The inability of islands
to maneuver left such citadels behind
for picnics, lovers, vines

That curled around the vacant ports
to slowly close the eyes of history
till masonry and native rock

Could not be told apart.

*Copyright 2013 by Malcolm H. Kenyon. Placard designed and illustrated by Anita K. Boyle, Egress Studio.

One Response to “The Goat Island Battery*”

  1. Marvelous. Congratulations, Malcolm!

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