A postcard from August…

September 14, 2013

2013 - August Poetry Postcards

If every one of the 302 people on this year’s August Poetry Postcard list had penned a poem on a postcard and mailed one each day for the 31 days of August, our mail carriers would have delivered some 9362 new poems into the hands of other postcard-poem writers. While not all the participants reached the goal of 31, a number wrote twice that many, or more, and some found themselves inspired enough to continue postcarding right into September…and beyond. The total is anyone’s guess.

The August Poetry Postcard Fest, founded in 2007 by Lana Hechtman Ayers and Paul Nelson and coordinated this year and last by Brendan McBreen, is about generating first drafts. The poems are not expected to be polished, but raw from the pen (or pixel).

So as not to steal the thunder of a postcard that might be slow in arriving, participants agree to withhold posting their poems until 30 days after they have been sent. But now a number of poets are sharing their words and the images that inspired them.

What follows is a partial list of postcard-posting-poets. In some cases, these are blogs with more recent posts and you may need to scroll down or click on Older Posts to see the postcards; some of the poets are continuing to post, so check back with them to see more.

Michelle CastleberryKristin Cleage —  Linda Crosfield
Anita EndrezzeSarah GutowskiLinda G. Hatton
Sharon IngrahamChris JarmickRosanne Martine-Braslow
Raymond MaxwellMarge MerrillDeborah Miranda
Paul NelsonLisa NicholsTsena Paulson
C J PrinceMartina Robinson

If you are one of this year’s participants and you are posting your postcards but your name is not included here, leave a Comment and the link to your site and we’ll add it to this list.

Finally, thanks to Brendan McBreen for managing an unwieldy list, to Paul Nelson for urgings and inspiration, to the 200 members of the Postcard Poetry Fest Facebook group for daily enthusiasm and to all the participating poets (including the 26 whose postcards reached me) for generating so many worthy words.

3 Responses to “A postcard from August…”

  1. posyflowers Says:

    Nancy Canyon participated in August Post Card Month. She says: It was great fun and really, I got some cool spontaneous poems out of the event. And I’m still receiving postcards. Fun!

  2. I like to establish a theme for my August postcards. This year, it was “Regrets, I’ve had a few.” http://mabwiddershins.tumblr.com/tagged/regretsivehadafew

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