List Season, part 2

December 18, 2013

Hemingway list of recommended books

A couple of weeks ago we posted links to some “best-of” lists of poetry books. Naturally, such lists have continued to proliferate, so herewith, more lists of favorite poetry books for your consideration.

The Poetry Foundation offers daily doses of “My Poetry Picks for 2013” by featured bloggers Tyrone Williams, Nick Twemlow, Evie Shockley, K. Silem Mohammad, Bianca Stone, Hannah Gamble, Johannes Göransson, Anthony Madrid and Laura Sims.  The favorites will continue through December, so keep an eye on Harriet.

Writers Digest is also offering a series of “Favorite Poetry Collections” posts, including (to date) our recent guest blogger Kelli Russell Agodon, Jessie Carty, Tom C. Hunley and Hannah Stephenson.

On her own blog, Book of Kells, Kelli Russell Agodon also posted her (admittedly incomplete) list of “Favorite Poetry & Nonfiction Books of 2013.”

The Huffington Post offers Denise Duhamel’s list, “Advanced Women Poets: Books You May Only Be Hearing about Now.”

Finally (for now), Anne Barngrover offers her top five in The Missouri Review.
. . . . .
Ernest Hemingway’s recommended reading list


2 Responses to “List Season, part 2”

  1. Dean Kahn Says:

    My favorite poets read this year are … Carl Dennis, Stephen Dunn and Melinda Mueller.

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