Send a letter, or 23

February 1, 2014

A Month of Letters 2014In addition to National Haiku Writing Month, February brings us A Month of Letters. The idea is to honor the “relaxing….intimate…. lasting and ephemeral” quality of the letter by writing and sending a letter each day that the post operates during the month of February. The inspiration of Mary Robinette Kowal, who has been managing the project since 2010, A Month of Letters has 3,771 participants as of this writing. Learn more on A Month of Letters website and A Month of Letters Facebook page.

In a related note, please be aware that U.S. postal rates have changed (although your Forever stamps will continue to be honored). A first-class letter stamp is now 49 cents; a postcard stamp is 34 cents.


2 Responses to “Send a letter, or 23”

  1. Letters are my favorite thing to write.

  2. And if you go over 1 oz., the cost is now 21 cents additional.

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