support your local poet

August 4, 2014

We’re always happy to hear of new books from local* poets. Here are a few recent (and very recent) titles. Follow the links for information on the books and their authors:

Anita K. Boyle - The DrenchedAnita K. Boyle
The Drenched
Egress Studio Press

Caitlin Thomson - Incident ReportsCaitlin Thomson
Incident Reports
Hyacinth Girl Press

C.J. Prince - Mother, May I?C.J. Prince
Mother, May I?

Shannon Laws - Odd Little ThingsShannon P. Laws
Odd Little Things
Chickadee Productions

Oliver de la Paz - Post SubjectOliver de la Paz
Post Subject: a Fable
The University of Akron Press

James Bertolino - Ravenous BlissJames Bertolino
Ravenous Bliss
MoonPath Press

*We use the word local not to regionalize the poetry or the poets’ reputations, but because these poets are our neighbors, co-residents in the upper left-hand corner of the U.S. The rest we encourage you to consider for yourself.

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