In the Dance Studio*

September 14, 2014

Angela Belcaster - In the Dance Studio
In the Dance Studio
By Angela Belcaster
2014 Merit Award

Sofia, my daughter:
Your blonde hair’s broke free of gravity again,
Lifted by a whirlwind of notes
your toes and shoulders and arms ascend.

At your age I hid
in closets, under beds, in trees,
I climbed and deflected and crouched
And turned my body into dance
only when I dreamed

Sofia, look:

Your dark leather dance shoes
are the only thing holding you from breaking free
from flying up into the slipstream, into the music;
Think them into black crows and rise when you are ready You’re Persephone my dear; rewritten the story thus:
Once freed by this spring, you’re not going back,
just try and make you.

If love can change lives
then I am saved.

It’s half my genes in you, dancing.

*Copyright 2014 by Angela Belcaster. Broadside designed by Anita K. Boyle, Egress Studio. Illustration by Angela Boyle, Flying Dodo Publications.


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