I Love My City in Snow*

November 9, 2014

Andrew Shattuck McBride - I Love My City in Snow
I Love My City in Snow
By Andrew Shattuck McBride
2014 Walk Award

I love how, as the snow starts,
everything slows and the city catches its breath.
As hush settles over landscape becoming snowscape,
I love the quiet, how the hard edges soften,
how snow covers grit and scatter of litter.

Power’s out in my apartment.
I’m on foot, feel I don’t belong, feel as unwanted
as a trespasser. The diner on Cornwall is open:
I gulp coffee, shovel down biscuits and gravy,
sausage and eggs, finally find comfort.

Snowmen, a snow frog and a snow ogre
appear, redeemed by eyes that aren’t coal.
Deciduous trees are black, fringed with white lace.
Tracks everywhere: humans and dogs,
rabbits and raccoons, deer and birds.

I’m not alone; I do belong. I love my city in snow.

*Copyright 2014 by Andrew Shattuck McBride. Broadside designed and illustrated by Anita K. Boyle, Egress Studio.


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