new in Bellingham…

December 16, 2014

Welcome to Bellingham

We’ve mentioned Erica Reed a couple of times (most recently posting her winning poem, Washing, and before that, talking about her Poem Store). A poet and a board member for poetrynight (among other things), Erica has her finger on the pulse of what’s new in Bellingham’s poetry scene. She dropped us a note with these suggestions for worthwhile local goings-on:

From Bellingham With Love is a new publication aimed at supporting local writers.” There’s not a whole lot to be learned on their website or their Facebook page, but they’ve published FBWL Volume 1 and Volume 2 is now in the works. They invite submissions, so check it out.

Here’s what Erica says about Bone of the Ham: “also a new publication, though less polished than FBWL. Their publishing output is high, because they print on standard printer paper and their costs are almost non-existent. But they represent a fierce group of young artists in town, who I think identify along more alternative lines, and who are not often found at other local events or in other local publications. They are passionate and vocal, and very much add flavor to our local scene.” Volume 3, Issue 2, is out and they’re soliciting submissions for the next issue. More on Facebook.

B Side Magazine is “a new arts, music and literary magazine, which frequently organizes and sponsors events.” More on Facebook.

Finally, though it wasn’t mentioned in Erica’s note, and though it lists Portland, Oregon, as home, the new publication Gap Tooth (and here) has one foot firmly planted in Bellingham and has just published its inaugural issue.

We welcome poetry news from the entire Cascadia region. Leave a comment any time…and thanks for your Likes.
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photo by Mike Lemmon


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