Reasons to go to…Ireland

January 2, 2015

William Butler Yeats by George Charles Beresford

June 13, 2015, marks the 150th anniversary of the birth of William Butler Yeats, but the celebration has been going on since June 2014 and will continue through 2015. Yeats 2015 will present a year-long schedule of readings, classes, exhibitions, symposia, tours and other events, primarily in Ireland (centered in Sligo, Yeats’s “spiritual home”), but also in England, Italy, Australia, the U.S. and elsewhere.

A lunchtime Yeats poetry reading was held January 1 in Hargadon Bros. pub in Sligo, Ireland, and a reading will be held there every day throughout the year (except Good Friday and Christmas), with “punters” invited to share their favorites.

Other activities include Yeats Winter School, January 23 – 26 and The Yeats International Summer School, July 26 – August 7 (a “Taste of the Yeats Summer School” will be held April 11 at NYU Glucksman Ireland House, New York).

According to the BBC, “The organisers behind Yeats 2015 expect to attract 85,000 extra visitors to Ireland, and hope it will generate renewed interest in Irish culture and literature.” More at Yeats 2015, The Yeats Society, WB Yeats Society of New York and, of course, on Facebook.
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William Butler Yeats by George Charles Beresford, 1911


2 Responses to “Reasons to go to…Ireland”

  1. T. Clear Says:

    I lost a silver bracelet somewhere in the churchyard where Yeats is buried. And Although I lament the loss of the bracelet, there’s something wonderful in the accidental silver offering to one of the gods of poetry!

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