what wrote that poem?

February 8, 2015

Zackary Scholl

Zackary Scholl, a PhD candidate in computational biology, has “developed another kind of artificial intelligence. This AI can create poetry indistinguishable from real poets.” The results are quite remarkable and Scholl has put his poems to what he calls “the Turing Test”: can they get published in literary journals?

Visit his blog, Raspberry PI AI, to read the story. You’ll find poems (including links to some of Scholl’s early submissions) and even a one-click poem generator!
. . . . .
special thanks to Margaret Bikman for the heads-up on this news!


One Response to “what wrote that poem?”

  1. awritersalchemy Says:

    I’m utterly charmed any time someone wants to mess around with poetry, even with their computer-generated whiz-bang machined poetry. But (even reading some POETS, mind you, I think this) the essential question–or sense of the voice–for me as a reader is always, “This is what it’s like for me to be human; what’s it like for you?” Curious what YOU really think about this.

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