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March 11, 2015

Snohomish, Washington

We’ve been following this story since we noticed it in a Slate article back in September: independent bookstores are growing in number and are doing more business in spite of the Brobdingnagians threatening at every turn. This is such good news. The story has traction: have a look.

This is not to suggest that independent bookstores are rolling in dough or that it’s easy to support the inventory and intelligent staff that distinguish our favorite local bookstores. Even in a healthy marketplace, with ever-diminishing profit margins, these stores and their plucky owners struggle to keep the doors open. And we’re grateful that they do because our communities wouldn’t be the same without them.

A town without independent bookstores is like a street without trees.

Who should we thank for keeping the independents alive? YOU. Every time you choose to walk through those doors, browse the delicious aisles and plunk down your dollars on the counter, you’re helping.

Thank you.
. . . . .
photo: the brand-new log cabin location of the Uppercase Bookshop in Snohomish, Washington


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