a short poetry walk

March 13, 2015

Dora Wheeler

Take a break and take a four-minute stroll with Jennette Mullaney, Digital Communications Manager at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. In this short narrated slide show of works from the Met, Mullaney offers personal reflections on the enduring connection between poetry and visual art.
. . . . .
image: “Penelope Unraveling Her Work at Night,” a “needlewoven tapestry” by Dora Wheeler, 1886


2 Responses to “a short poetry walk”

  1. Anne Basye Says:

    Dear Judy, this is beautiful! especially Penelope unraveling her work. The Odyssey is probably my favorite poem of all time, as are somme of the poems it inspired, like Louise Gluck’s “Penelope” and “Ithaca” by Cadafy. “Ithaca” might just be my theme poem.

    thanks! Anne

    • jik Says:

      I was really struck by Penelope as well — especially the contemporary strength of the piece, given its vintage.
      Thanks for your note.

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