International Haiku Poetry Day

April 17, 2015

International Haiku Poetry Day

Today, April 17, is International Haiku Poetry Day. The day started (and continues as of this writing), over at the Haiku Foundation, with an EarthRise Rolling Haiku Collaboration, in which people respond to a poem by Onitsura, to the theme light, or to other haiku posted on the comment thread.

But actually, International Haiku Poetry Day started months ago, when the Haiku Foundation invited haiku poets to create short films for the HaikuLife film festival, to be unveiled today. Links to the videos are posted on the HaikuLife page.

Among them is “The Old Pond” by Jessica Tremblay (she lives in Cascadia and we’ve mentioned her before), whose video tells the story of how the young frog Kaeru gets apprenticed to to Master Kawazu, the frog who jumped in Basho’s pond.

In an e-mail, Jessica describes the animation process as “painfully slow,” and offers a look inside her progress in two very short videos, which she has posted here and here. You can see more of Master Kawazu, Kaeru and Jessica Tremblay, and learn more about haiku, on Old Pond Comics.

Watch, read, write and enjoy International Haiku Poetry Day.

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