“a sand and a nobody” — picturing words

June 8, 2015

photo by LRK 1970

We’ve mentioned ekphrasis and ekphrastic poetry in several posts. At its most basic, ekphrasis links two art forms, using one to describe or evoke the other. Ross Goodwin, a graduate student at NYU ITP, has mechanized ekphrasis in a way that exceeds this writer’s technical knowledge but has the potential for opening new vistas into visual/verbal interactions.

Goodwin’s word.camera invites you to share an image with his app, which “reads” the image and generates a “lexograph” — a dense stream of text based on what it “sees.” The text could be a source for found poetry, or phrases within it could become prompts for new poems related to the original image. It’s quirky, crazy, fun, and under development.

To see what word.camera had to say about the photograph above, click here. To learn more about Ross Goodwin’s projects, visit The Hypertext.
. . . . .
LRK photo 1970


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