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August 11, 2015

Whatcom Museum - Unhinged

This should be good: Unhinged: Book Art on the Cutting Edge is an upcoming exhibition focusing on the limitless potential of books for artistic inspiration. It opens at the Whatcom Museum Lightcatcher Building on Sunday, September 27, 2015, and continues through January 3, 2016.

The show surveys recent directions in book art through the diverse work of 60 prominent artists in the field from the U.S., Australia, Canada and Great Britain. Curated by Barbara Matilsky, Unhinged highlights a myriad of styles and processes. Some artists carve old volumes or twist their pages into unique, sculptural configurations. Others make their own books and experiment with a multitude of different formats: accordion, concertina, pop-up, tunnel, among others. Some artists reconfigure ancient book forms, such as the scroll or codex, to create unique artworks. Books, which may be intimately-scaled or large installations, are often combined with other materials, both manufactured and natural, such as plastic, crystals, and twigs, to astonishing effects.

The exhibition also presents artists’ personal experiences, including messages about identity, human justice issues, and environmental concerns. From political statements to metaphysical ideas, book artists interpret their medium through expressive and sometimes humorous constructions.

The exhibition features artists who revolutionized the field, including Doug Beube, Julie Chen, Timothy Ely, Ann Hamilton, Buzz Spector, and Richard Minsky, as well as younger artists who have become internationally renowned, such as Long-Bin Chen, Brian Dettmer, Andrea Deszö, and Guy Laramée. Unhinged also includes many artists from Washington State: Casey Curran, Donald Glaister, Morse Clary, Marie Eckstein Gower, Deborah Greenwood, James Koss, Jessica Spring, Elsi Vasdall Ellis, Thomas Wood, Suze Woolf, and Ellen Ziegler.

Mark your calendar and find additional information on the Whatcom Museum site.

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