erasing the hyphen

September 4, 2015

Richard BlancoWith some frequency, we post on the subject of poetry prompts. As you may have heard, inaugural poet Richard Blanco was invited to write and read a poem for the recent opening of the U.S. Embassy in Havana, Cuba. Although his family arrived in Miami (via Madrid) when Blanco was just weeks old, his Cuban heritage informs the “concerns of place and belonging” that continue to be central to his writing. In media coverage, he is often identified as Cuban-American.

An article from WGME, Portland, about Blanco’s recent experience in Cuba quotes the poet on the symbolism of “erasing that hyphen between Cuban and American.”

In our abundantly-hyphenated world, erasing the hyphen seems such a prompt-worthy phrase that we offer it here for your consideration. We’d be delighted to read your responses in the Comments.
. . . . .
photo by Joyce Tenneson


4 Responses to “erasing the hyphen”

  1. Michael Dylan Welch Says:

    Hmmm, did you know that “abundantly-hyphenated” SHOULDN’T be hyphenated? That’s because adjectives as part of compound modifiers don’t take hyphens. The term “well-researched blog posting” would take a hyphen, but “abundantly hyphenated world” should not. Or is that part of the joke? 🙂

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