To Rizzy*

September 27, 2015

To Rizzy by Thomas Boyle
2015 Walk Award
By Thomas Boyle (4th grade)

To Rizzy

Rizzy, oh Rizzy,
how I love you.
Your face lights up my day.
That smile of yours, ahhh it’s beautiful.

Your eyes are diamonds sparkling
in the midnight sky.
Your fur is as soft as a new cozy blanket,
your big wet nose is as wet as a big puddle.

You give the best alarm clock “kisses.”
It makes you feel like a big black thing dropping oceans on you.
(I love it though.)

Rizzy, oh Rizzy,
You make my day as bright as a hot sun.

I hope you always remember…

. . . . .
*Copyright 2015 by Thomas Boyle. Broadside illustrated by Kim Wulfestieg.

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