Reasons to go to…Hartford

October 6, 2015

Wallace Stevens Walk, stone 1

By the time he was 37, Wallace Stevens had attended Harvard, worked as a journalist, graduated from New York Law School, practiced insurance law and begun to publish poems. He had lived for much of that time in New York City, but in 1916, he accepted a job with the Hartford Accident and Indemnity Company and relocated to Hartford, Connecticut.

Stevens’s first collection of poems, Harmonium, was published in 1923. Among the 50 poems in the volume were “The Emperor of Ice Cream” and “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird.” Today, the stanzas of “Thirteen Ways” carved into stone mark the 2.4-mile route that Stevens walked for nearly 40 years, between his home on Westerly Terrace and his office on Asylum Avenue. Read more about the Wallace Stevens Walk and see photos of the stones (with GPS points).

Hartford Poetry PostsWhile you’re in Hartford, be sure to visit Westmoor Park and Fernridge Park in West Hartford, where the work of local poets appears on a series of Poetry Posts decorated by local artists. Read more about Poetry in the Parks from the project’s founder, Ginny Lowe Connors. Catch up with other poetry goings-on by visiting the Connecticut Poetry Society.
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photo “Thirteen Ways” stone I
photo Hartford Poetry Posts


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