Reasons to go to…Vermont!

February 8, 2016

Rivendell Books

Should you be craving a change of scenery along with some new voices to inspire your poetry, consider spending a spring Weekend at the Writing House in Montpelier, Vermont. On April 16 and 17, 2016, poets Baron Wormser and Jeanne Marie Beaumont will offer a two-day intensive, Being with Poets: Plath and Shakespeare. From the course description:

Sylvia Plath was deeply attuned to the poetry of Shakespeare. His work offered her an emotional scope, a trove of verse techniques, a bottomless vocabulary, a stunning range of tones (both comic and tragic), the felt presence of classical themes, and an insistence on the primacy of drama. Accordingly, we will be looking at some Plath poems through the Shakespearean lens to see how she seized upon his plays as an aid to creating poems that were brief yet powerful dramas. Any poet with ambition yearns to reach the phenomenal eloquence Shakespeare represents. Plath not only had that ambition, she worked deliberately and intuitively at making that eloquence her own.

Limited to six participants, the weekend will engage deeply with texts and writers in a small, intently focused group. To learn more, see the Being with Poets description and information about the Writing House or contact Baron Wormser by email.
. . . . .
Thanks to Linda Lambert for the suggestion.


2 Responses to “Reasons to go to…Vermont!”

  1. bwcarey Says:

    one day i’ll get there

  2. bwcarey Says:

    the journey, one day, amen

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