poem tech

February 11, 2016

Secretary Bird

Now and then, we talk about apps related to poetry and here’s one that recently came to our attention. Secretary Bird is a free “poets workbench support application” designed specifically to help poets organize their poetry writing, revisions, submissions, readings, critiques, etc.

The developer, John Richardson, is a British poet and web designer; non-British English speakers may find some slight (but not critical) differences in terminology. While we can’t vouch for the software, Richardson has created a handsome website (with the sole exception of the video, which is a bit tedious), so if you are comfortable in the world of new technology and you’re looking for a new way to wrangle your poems, you might try Secretary Bird. Feedback welcome.

3 Responses to “poem tech”

  1. susanissima Says:

    Wow! Definitely worth exploring. Thank you jik.

  2. Thank you for sharing this information. 🙂

  3. Jim Williams Says:

    I have written a poetry app for iOS, Twitpoet!
    Compose poems like Limericks, Haiku and Rhyming couplets from your twitter feed, and tweet them.
    Helps you compose say a Limerick from a Twitter Trend.
    Get it here!

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