Be a Park poet

March 24, 2016

Poets in the Park

The date has been set for Poets in the Park — Redmond’s annual poetry fest. On Saturday, June 25, 2016, Anderson Park will be filled with readings, performances, open mic, hands-on poetry workshops, music, books…and maybe even YOUR new poetry activity!

Poets in the Park is looking for proposals for readings (25-minute slots) and workshops (55-minute slots). Send proposals as soon as possible to Michael Dylan Welch at He has provided the following details.

Reading Proposals
As with our previous festivals, we’re looking for readings by groups or organizations (if in doubt about what qualifies, just ask — a theme might work). Include this info:

  1. Title of reading, group, or organization.
  2. Organizer’s name (who should also be willing to MC their reading segment, or let us know who will MC).
  3. Names of possible readers (at least three).
  4. Any audio-visual or other stage needs.

Workshop Proposals
Workshops should focus on the craft of poetry and include generative and sharing/discussion activities. With your proposal, include a catchy title, the workshop facilitator’s name(s), and a sentence or two describing what participants can expect to learn from the workshop.

Please send your proposals as soon as possible, along with any creative or wacky ideas, and any questions. And watch for Poets in the Park news.

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