Winners and winning words

May 4, 2016

Bellingham Cruise TerminalThe winners of the 11th annual Sue C. Boynton Poetry Contest have been selected by judges Luther Allen and Luci Shaw and will be recognized at a free, festive, public awards ceremony on Thursday, May 12, 2016, at 7:00, at the Bellingham Cruise Terminal, 355 Harris Avenue, Bellingham. Seven of the 25 winning poets are students.

The 2016 Walk Award winners are: Greg Beatty, Susan Chase-Foster, Marlene Chasson, Thiago Filogonio Costa, Winter Gariss, Sydney Glover, Tallie Jones, Timothy Pilgrim, Rodolph Rowe, and Sylvia Tag.

The 2016 Merit Award winners are: Judy Bishop, Jessica Bloom, Carla Conforto, Corinne Foster, Samantha Gablehouse, Roger William Gilman, Jacob Hartsoch, Rick Hermann, Jessica Lee, Joe Nolting, Lucas Nydam, Dayna Patterson, Logan Sitkin, Scott Sutherland, and Leslie Wharton.

The awards ceremony (and parking) are free. Poet and bard Kevin Murphy will emcee, and the judges will present award certificates. A chapbook of poems from this year’s contest will be available for purchase and all poems entered in this year’s contest will be on display.

Copies of the winning poems, on placards designed by Christian Smith, Mat Hudson, Megan Carroll, and Kim Wulfestieg will be displayed for a year inside Whatcom Transportation Authority buses circulating throughout the county. The Walk Award winning poems will be displayed for a year on engraved plaques on the Poetry Walk in front of the Bellingham Public Library.

Please come celebrate the winning words of Whatcom County at this always-fun event.


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