Larry on the Lawn

May 18, 2016

O, Miami

We recently mentioned Poems to the Sky, a project of O, Miami. Here’s another: Larry on the Lawn: Lyrical Signs for Political Times. (Text from O, Miami.)

A political election year means a storm of rectangular signs strewn across South Florida lawns, each one advocating for its candidate. To inject some poetry into this prosaic landscape, Yo ❤ 305 and O, Miami have combined to create, “Larry on the Lawn,” a series of original campaign lawn signs featuring excerpts from the work of deceased American poet Larry Levis. Levis, born in Fresno to a family of grape farmers, died of a heart attack in 1996 (age 49) as a relatively unknown American master. The series of lawn signs, generously hosted by business and home-owners in Miami-Dade County, introduces Levis’s beauty and genius to citizens who, expecting the familiar, encounter strange and somewhat detached messages with no simple agenda or demand. During this election season, as the American political system attempts to put us all into very specific boxes, “Larry on the Lawn” reminds us that we are all more complex than a series of penciled-in bubbles.

See more Larry on the Lawn photos on Facebook.


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