Architecture Stolen from Animals*

May 22, 2016

Architecture Stolen from Animals - Carla Conforto
By Carla Conforto
2016 Merit Award

I spy on birds with binoculars, but I want
their nests, to unwind the mess:
brittle leaves, dried branches, cracked mud,
peel away their trash built homes;
the objects, the plastic, rips of ribbon, newspaper,
straw wrappers, the shiny
metals. For every Bird a nest.

What I make you wouldn’t want. But the delicate
homes of honey bees, the expansive
wasp nest, the condominium living of wispy
cardboard; the layers are persuasive:
a circle to curl into. I pick pocket
purple blue abandoned mussel shells five times.
The translucent skin from a snake: Finding
is the first Act
. And then? All the debris
I wrap myself in.

. . . . .
*Copyright 2016 by Carla Conforto. Broadside illustration by Kim Wulfestieg

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