Ars Poetica*

May 29, 2016

Ars Poetica - Jessica Lee
By Jessica Lee
2016 Merit Award

Boil beets to see their seams.
Drop three in a pot
skin and all — let them
simmer in their juices.
This stage is crucial: practice
patience. Watch them bleed,
then walk away. Scrub your toilet,
write a note. Distract yourself.
Once what seems like
too much time has passed,
prod one with a fork.
If it’s ready, it will yield.
Snatch it up by long-rat tail,
run it under cold water.
Be forewarned: when blade meets breast
you’ve bound yourself to bulb.
If you prick a finger, you will not
distinguish between beet’s blood
and your own.

. . . . .
*Copyright 2016 by Jessica Lee. Broadside illustration by Christian Smith

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