a tribute to Robert Sund

June 2, 2016

A Flutter of BirdsA Flutter of Birds Passing through Heaven: a Tribute to Robert Sund, edited by Allen Frost and Paul Piper, has just been published and is available from Amazon for $20. Local bookstores will stock it soon.

This book, a tribute to the Skagit poet Robert Sund, contains poetry, reminiscences, art, anecdotes, essays, photographs and more from over 35 contributors, and includes work by such luminaries as Robert Bly, Gary Snyder and our own Jim Bertolino.

Robert Sund was considered to be the informal poet laureate of Washington State for a number of years, and was truly a great poet of place. Keep an ear out (and watch the Calendar) for readings that will accompany the launch.

Read a review of A Flutter of Birds in the New York Journal of Books.

2 Responses to “a tribute to Robert Sund”

  1. Cheryl Fear Says:

    I LOVE receiving The Poetry Department blog, but today’s was especially moving to me. The picture caught my attention as it looked liked Fishtown to me—whether or not it is. So I kept reading and the I read the more I so appreciate the biography of Robert Sund and his two poems. I lived in Skagit County for 21 years, but at that time of my life I was a single mom working for the phone company trying to keep body and soul together and take care of my children. I never encountered Robert Sund, but I do go to Fishtown. A friend took me down the mouth of the Skagit River. He and his wife had a friend who had a cabin down there. It’s like another world there. Thank you to jik for writing this tribute. Cheryl A. Fear


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