Black Bears*

June 12, 2016

Black Bears - Scott Sutherland
2016 Merit Award
By Scott Sutherland (4th grade)

I stare,
The black moves slowly.
It moves as if its Mom were there.
I take a photo,
It walks back as if I’m pointing a gun.
A second speck.
They step,
Surveying the area.
A third, bigger head appears.
Fright envelops me.
I watch,
Can’t take my eyes off.
It takes its cubs,
Then looks at people.
Slowly, walks towards us.
Like a lumbering sloth,
Walks towards us.
I get into the car.
“Let’s go.”
We slowly drive.
The world becomes slow.
Everything’s slow.
Nothing moves

. . . . .
*Copyright 2016 by Scott Sutherland. Broadside illustrated by Mat Hudson.


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