June 26, 2016

Brother - Samantha Gablehouse
2016 Merit Award
By Samantha Gablehouse (12th grade)

Brother —
You’re a sailboat of anger
rushing down a river of rebellion
searching for the ocean of freedom,
but only finding a dam of regret.

Brother —
You’re a feisty little half-pint
with tiny sticky fingers
constantly getting into trouble,
grinning at your antics.

Brother —
You’re a mountain of courage
with a forest of confidence,
but you’ve lost the key to patience
that opens the door to forgiveness.

Brother —
You’re a fledgling of curiosity
yearning for a nest of comfort,
but stuck in a tree of loneliness
knowing someday you’ll learn to fly.

. . . . .
*Copyright 2016 by Samantha Gablehouse. Broadside illustrated by Mat Hudson.


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