seeing red, being red

July 19, 2016

Red Lineage

Red Lineage is not new. The project was created by artist/poet Natasha Marin about ten years ago, but has a vitality that keeps it engaging.

“Red Lineage is the title of an original poem, adapted to allow others to personalize their own versions. When performed, these poems echo and overlap, thereby fostering a sense of community despite real and/or perceived social and demographic barriers. Within the Red Lineage, everyone is red—a metaphor that invokes the idea of the bloodline.”

Explore Red Lineage and add your own on the Red Lineage website. See more on the Red Lineage Facebook page. Learn more about Natasha Marin, Red Lineage and the artist’s other projects on Natasha Marin’s website.

What color red are you?


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