sounds promising…

July 23, 2016

Least Boring Poetry Event of the YearYou can’t fault The Least Boring Poetry Event of the Year 2016 for hubris. The Tuesday, July 26, 2016, event at The Factory in Seattle just might deliver as promised. Here’s the description (links added):

The Least Boring Poetry Event of the Year returns! Are you BORED by fragmentary poetry? What of it was composed entirely of language from/inspired by the TV show Hoarders? Meet the illustrious Kate Durbin. Have you ever simultaneously laughed and cried imagining romantic involvement with Barbie’s sidekick Skipper? Perhaps you should acquaint yourself with the work of Anastacia Renee. Wonder what an erotic calendar featuring your family’s 12 most dysfunctional moments would look like? Sarah Galvin is here to enlighten you. Are you BORED by the ability of exquisitely crafted lyricism to make the world new? Then you will NOT like Kary Wayson and should stay home because you sound head-to-toe Forever 21-basic. Featuring the neo-Rococo artwork of Mary Anne Carter, whose body naturally processes boring things into glitter, oxycontin, and happy hour prices.

Go be un-bored. Report back.


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