alt zine

August 19, 2016

Postprint Magazine

Just when we say we don’t generally talk about literary magazines, here’s another post about a new literary magazine. But wait. This is different. You have your print magazines, your online magazines and now you have Postprint Magazine. The idea of Postprint, which seems to be manifesting itself in New York, is place as magazine. That’s right. The gallery or physical space becomes the magazine, so instead of browsing through the printed or digital pages, your body moves through the space to view the work.

Postprint’s first exhibit, which closes on Sunday, is entitled “Expensive Poetry” and features artworks that include text in various ways. An archive of each “issue” of Postprint will remain on the website. You can view Postprint Issue 001 online now. You can also read a more detailed description of the project and see more photos on The Creators Project blog. Keep an eye on the website and on Postprint Magazine on Facebook for news on upcoming issues. Very cool.


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