rolling with the books

August 23, 2016

St Rita's Amazing Traveling Bookstore

If you’re a regular here at The Poetry Department, you know that we’re big fans of independent bookstores and now and then we mention some that are particularly cool. St. Rita’s Amazing Traveling Bookstore and Textual Apothecary falls into that category.

Based in Eureka, Montana, the van travels throughout Cascadia to fairs, festivals and neighborhoods to sell used books. Launched in June 2015, the bookstore on wheels was named for St. Rita of Cascia, the patron of impossible causes. With shipwright-worthy shelves — “The books stay on the shelves perfectly! Haven’t lost one yet even driving across fields, on gravel roads and across the mountains.” — plenty of books and cards, and a typewriter for people to try out (many have never touched one before), the Bookstore becomes a hub of activity for the duration of its visit.

See for yourself. St. Rita’s Amazing Traveling Bookstore and Textual Apothecary will be in Portland, Oregon, on Friday, September 2, 2016, 9:30am to 4:30pm, in front of Ace Typewriter at 7433 N. Lombard Street, and Saturday, September 3, 10:00am to 2:00pm, at 1448 NE 28th (near Fred Meyer). You can follow St. Rita’s on Facebook and read occasional posts on the Amazing Traveling Bookstore website.


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