29 February*

October 2, 2016

29 February - Tallie Jones
2016 Walk Award
By Tallie Jones

March first there were always daffodils on your table
Golden beacons on the lace cloth,
forthright, purposeful, and sure,
even when you could no longer drive to buy them.
In honor of St. David’s Day, you said,
Patron Saint of Wales
Okay, said I. We left it at that.

Today, clearing space around the bulbs and the lupine,
kids circling, phone delivering sharp voices,
I invoked your cardinal rules —
Pretty is as pretty does!
There are no ugly people, only ugly behaviors!
We don’t hate in this house!
Love is needed most when it’s hardest to love —
strong and sure, strangely confident, for me.

Later, lying quiet and unguarded in the dark,
I could feel you near my raw heart,
your memory and your lessons close.
In the morning I set daffodils on the table,
hugged the teapot in your honor and looked up St. David
Known as a great teacher and for his last words:
Gwnewch y pethau bychain
“Do the little things.”

. . . . .
**Copyright 2016 by Tallie Jones. Broadside illustration by Megan Carroll.


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