dial P for Poem

December 4, 2016

Telepoem Booth

Here’s another entry in the Ideas We Love file: the Telepoem Booth. Located in Old Town Shops, Flagstaff, Arizona, the Telepoem Booth is a 1970s vintage phone booth, cleaned up with snappy new signage. Step inside, select one of the 240 poems in the Telepoem Directory, and dial it up on the rotary phone to hear a recorded version.

Well-known published poets (local, national, and international), burgeoning authors, and schoolchildren are included in the Telepoem listings. An average of 120+ poems are dialed every day. Started by Elizabeth Hellstern and launched in March 2016, the project has just completed a second round of submissions for additional poems.

Plus, there’s now another Telepoem Booth — in State College, Pennsylvania! According to an article in the Daily Collegian, this one was launched by John Ziegler, who saw the Flagstaff booth when he was in town visiting his son.

Learn more on the Telepoem Booth website, on Facebook, and on the Telepoem Booth GoFundMe page.


One Response to “dial P for Poem”

  1. Sandra F. Lucke Says:

    This news of Telepoem booth is fantastic and I could envision many people listening to a poem by dialing up their choice. Relating to the Christmas holiday, this is better than a decorated gingerbread house. Tasty and satisfying morsel

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