Coming up: PEACE Poetry Postcard Month

January 12, 2018

In addition to being National Haiku Writing Month (more on that later), February is PEACE Poetry Postcard Month.

Poets sign up by January 29, 2018, to send 28 original, peace-themed poems on postcards to folks on the list you’ll receive by February 1, 2018. People in all countries, states/provinces are encouraged to participate. To register and recieve the list of 28 addresses, send an email to

Please follow these INSTRUCTIONS, which also appear on the World Peace Poets PEACE Poetry Postcard Month Facebook page:

  • In the subject line, write Peace Poetry Postcards.
  • Give your name and address. This will not be shared anywhere beyond your group.
  • Gather together 28 postcards, one for each day of February. Some participants make their own postcards; others use commercial cards they have collected. Many online sites offer postcards with personal photos or artwork at a reasonable price. Be ready to have fun with this process.
  • After you register, and once your group has filled, you will get a list via email. Find your name on that list and make sure your info is correct. (You will not get your group list at registration, but when there are 28 in your group or when registration ends January 29th, 2018.)
  • Once you get your list, start writing original poems directly onto postcards addressed to the names on your list. Start with the name BELOW you on the list of poets. (If you are #7 on the list, your first postcard will go to #8 and proceed from there.) No one can publish your poem without your permission and you are writing to only one person.
  • Once you have written cards to all poets below your name on your list, continue up to the top of the list. Please do write 28 postcard poems if you sign up.

There will be a list of prompts posted on World Peace Poets Facebook page to help you get started or give you a boost if you’re bogged down.

. . . . .
image: art by Rin Dawson


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