October 19, 2018

Here is an opportunity for short-fiction writers at an almost unheard-of price. It’s a new Kahini program in short fiction designed for those writers who want the absolutely highest level of craft but are on a bit of a budget or unable to afford a traditional MFA program. The bi-weekly Studies in Short Fiction program focuses on the work of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Alice Munro, Gabriel García Márquez, and William Trevor. Facilitated by Jordan Hartt, the year-long online program begins November 8, 2018. Read the complete description and register soon!


3 Responses to “opportunity”

  1. sthlmsaju Says:

    what does Kahini stand for? 🙂

    • jik Says:

      Kahini is the name of an international writing program that focuses on craft, community, and inspiration. According to the Kahini website — http://www.kahini.org/ — “The name ‘Kahini’ was gifted by writer and very first faculty member Sayantani Dasgupta at our inaugural event, the 2014 Desert Writers’ Retreat. ‘Kahini’ is a Bengali word meaning ‘story,’ or ‘tale’ — but not an ordinary story: an extraordinary one. Similarly, Kahini is all about creating extraordinary in-person and online creative-writing experiences.”

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