November 8, 2020

2020 Walk Award
By Margaux Barber, Grade 1

I look out the window it’s cold and stormy
I remember the sunny days in May
but now it’s cold in the air like the ocean
I ask mom if I can call Anarah
to come over to look at the rain outside
she says that it will be in a hour
so I wait for an hour.
Finally, she comes.
We put on our raincoats and rain boots
and go out in the rain
as fast as mice running away from a cat.

*Copyright 2020 by Margaux Barber. Broadside illustrated by Christian Smith.

– – – – –
NOTE: Beginning with today’s post, a Sue C. Boynton Poetry Contest 2020 winning poem will be posted each Sunday and then linked on the Winners page. Congratulations to all the poets, and huge thanks to the artists who illustrated the placards. Enjoy!

2 Responses to “Window*”

  1. Tess Gallagher Says:

    Margaux’s poem is so full of delight
    and the pure excitement of weather and light and the sharing of children in friendship! Lovely to remember
    The eagerness of time in childhood, how long waiting was!! Bravo Margaux!!
    —-Tess Gallagher/ poet

  2. Stephanie Barber Says:

    Thank you Margaux! I loved the way you reminded me of how I waited for time to pass when I was a child. I loved how you said finally. Rain and wind never keeps us inside when we have a friend to run with.

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