As poets, we are inspired — directly and indirectly — by the words and teachings of other poets. As human beings, and as poets, we struggle to find ways to honor losses that often seem overwhelming. This page finds itself at the intersection of inspiration and loss. It is not meant to be comprehensive (or morbid), but to offer a small selection of apt words of recollection and consolation. The poets represented here have lived in, been inspired by, or had a powerful influence upon, the Cascadia region. The list will expand as time allows.

Patrick Lane

March 26, 1939 –
March 7, 2019

Obituary: University of Victoria
Obituary and interview: BC BookLook
Reflections: Vancouver Sun

photo Chris Hancock Donaldson

Sam Hamill

September 5, 1943 – April 14, 2018

Obituary: The New York Times
Obituary: The Seattle Times
Ursula K. Le Guin

October 21, 1929 – January 22, 2018

Obituary: The New York Times
Additional tributes
Madeline DeFrees

November 18, 1919 – November 11, 2015

Obituary: The Seattle Times
Conversation: Image Journal
Carolyn Kizer

December 10, 1925 – October 9, 2014

Obituary: The New York Times
Video tribute: The Cortland Review
Jack McCarthy

May 23, 1939 – January 17, 2013

Obituary: Boston Globe
Obituary (PDF): Dartmouth College

Robert Sund

November 29, 1929 – September 29, 2001

Biography: Robert Sund Poet’s House Trust
Obituary: The Seattle Times
Denise Levertov

October 24, 1923 – December 20, 1997

Obituary: The New York Times
Obituary: The Seattle Times
William Stafford

January 17, 1914 – August 28, 1993

Obituary: The New York Times
Commentary on Stafford: Center for the Study of the Pacific Northwest, University of Washington
Raymond Carver

May 25, 1938 – August 2, 1988

Obituary: The New York Times
Bio: Poetry Foundation
Richard Hugo

December 21, 1923 – October 22, 1982

Reflection: The Paris Review
Profile: HistoryLink
Theodore Roethke

May 25, 1908 – August 1, 1963

Stanley Kunitz on Theodore Roethke
Life and Career: Modern American Poetry
Ella Rhoads Higginson

~1862 – December 27, 1940

Profile: HistoryLink
Interview with Higginson scholar, Laura Laffrado