meanwhile, in Trafalgar Square

September 21, 2018

If you happen to be in London as you read this post, hurry over to Trafalgar Square to see “Please Feed the Lions,” an installation by artist Es Devlin that fuses design, poetry, and machine learning. Painted a hard-to-ignore fluorescent red, the piece invites passersby to “feed” the lion a word and then uses a deep learning algorithm developed by Ross Goodwin, creative technologist at Google, to compose a poem, which appears on a display in the lion’s mouth. At night, the poem’s evolving text is projected across the body of the lion and on Nelson’s Column.

Part of the London Design Festival, the interactive work will be on display through Sunday, September 23, 2018, only. Read more about the project and the lion’s daily poem on Google Arts & Culture.

what wrote that poem?

February 8, 2015

Zackary Scholl

Zackary Scholl, a PhD candidate in computational biology, has “developed another kind of artificial intelligence. This AI can create poetry indistinguishable from real poets.” The results are quite remarkable and Scholl has put his poems to what he calls “the Turing Test”: can they get published in literary journals?

Visit his blog, Raspberry PI AI, to read the story. You’ll find poems (including links to some of Scholl’s early submissions) and even a one-click poem generator!
. . . . .
special thanks to Margaret Bikman for the heads-up on this news!