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March 24, 2015

big poetry giveaway 2015

How do you create an audience for your book of poetry? Poet and publisher Kelli Russell Agodon suggests that you give away copies.

The 2015 Big Poetry Giveaway (BPG) begins on Friday, March 27 and runs through National Poetry Month. It works like this: A poet creates a blog (or uses her/his own blog) to announce participation in the BPG. The poet offers a drawing for a minimum of two books to be given away — one the poet’s own book and the other a favorite poetry book by someone else. To be entered in the drawing, people leave comments on the poet’s blog. At the end of April, the poet draws a name from the commenters and gives away the books. Voilà! New readers!

The guidelines for 2015 are not yet posted, but they’re likely to be similar to 2014. You can read Kelli’s announcement and find a link to the 2014 guidelines at Book of Kells: “The Big Poetry Giveaway 2015: Happening in April !” and of course find Big Poetry Giveaway updates on Facebook.

Free Poetry Books!

April 11, 2014

Big Poetry Giveaway 2014

It’s April, it’s National Poetry Month and it’s Big Poetry Giveaway time once again! (Here’s last year’s post.) Now in its fifth year, the Giveaway is an easy opportunity to expand your poetry library. Here’s how it works: participating poets are asked to give away a minimum of two books of poetry — their own and/or someone else’s. (Many elect to give away more than two.) They post the information about the books on their blog, then, to enter the drawing, visitors leave their own information as comments. At the end of National Poetry Month, each poet holds a drawing and winners get a book. So easy.

Kelli Russell Agodon, who started and maintains the Big Poetry Giveaway, has done the heavy lifting by providing a list of “50 Poets Giving More than a 100 Books of Poems” on her blog, Book of Kells. Just click the links on that page to visit each poet’s site. (You can also visit Big Poetry Giveaway on Facebook.)

As a bonus, here are a couple more…
Carey Taylor, who’s giving away four books of children’s poetry
Mark Jay Brewin, Jr.