meanwhile, in China

October 3, 2021

The online architecture journal ArchDaily features the new Museum of Poetry and memorial garden in Songyang County, China. Designed by DnA architects, the museum honors the long cultural heritage of poetry and will provide venues for cultural activities. As shown above, seating in the garden features vertical stone slabs engraved with poems by Song Dynasty poet Zhang Yuniang (1250-1276), “like the unfolding pages of a book.”

. . . . .
photo by Ziling Wang

taking it on the road

December 21, 2016

Chinese truck with poetry

If your poems aren’t getting enough attention, you might consider doing what truck driver He Xianwei did: write them on your vehicle. According to a UPI article, “He said he frequently writes and recites poems and song lyrics while driving, so he decided to publicize his work in the hopes of drawing attention to his writings.”

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