it’s back!

November 30, 2017

Don’t let your poetry practice get swept away by the distractions of the season. Join Two Sylvias Press for daily prompts to help you write 31 new poems in December. Visit the Two Sylvias Press 2017 Online Advent Calendar of Poetry Prompts page for all the details.

Shifts and ArcsYou’re invited to attend Shifts and Arcs, a reading by Whatcom Community College’s Fall Creative Writing Class. All prose and poetry will be short, and cider and victuals will be provided. A suggested donation of $3 goes to cover stage costs and to benefit WCC’s Literature Club.

For many of these students, it will be their first reading of their work, and so they are dreadfully excited (and nervous!) to have you attend…

Take a break from the December cold and stroll on over to
Make.Shift in downtown Bellingham ~ 306 Flora Street
Today! Tuesday, December 11, 2012 ~ 6-8pm

‘tis the season…

December 6, 2011

border lights for a holiday letterPerhaps it’s already begun: your mailbox has burped forth the first of the holiday letters. If not yet, surely soon: paper or electronic missives to catch us up with friends and family, achievements large and small.

In the spirit of the season, of wanting to mark the passing of another year, how might the impulse be transformed? A holiday letter poem? Eschew saccharine rhymes. Abandon the impulse to capture every one of the year’s maudlin moments. Instead, consider writing a poem about…

  • the conversation in your head about getting a Christmas tree
  • the faces, and the dishes, around the Thanksgiving table
  • someone you miss
  • the feeling of walking among friends and strangers at the first protest march you’ve ever attended
  • something you’ve given up
  • the first moment you held the new baby
  • holiday lights on a neighbor’s house
  • walking on the first snow of the season
  • holiday letters
  • a childhood holiday memory
  • the gift you didn’t get
  • the gift you received
  • prayer
  • being cold, or being warm enough, or not being warm enough
  • being alone
  • finding the right gifts
  • feeling conflicted about gift-giving
  • a sacred moment
  • having enough, or not having enough
  • something you lost
  • something you found
  • your favorite holiday food
  • a winter vista
  • something unfinished
  • something just begun

The list of possibilities goes on. Happy writing. Please share!

what to do on December 10…

November 16, 2011

Mark your calendar for Saturday, December 10, 2011, 7-9pm, for SpeakEasy 5, an evening of poetry featuring Luther Allen, Jennifer Bullis, Elizabeth Colen, Paul Piper and Sheila Sondik. There will be several sets, with each poet reading 4 to 5 minutes per set. Drop in for a set or stay for the entire evening. At The Amadeus Project, 1209 Cornwall Avenue, Bellingham, Washington. Free! Download the SpeakEasy 5 flyer (PDF, Adobe Reader required).