Mark your calendar for the first Sunday of the month at 5:00pm, as a series of summer sidewalk readings present the voices of Bellingham poets. If you show up at 1507 Larrabee, in Fairhaven, look for the book box and that’s where the the readings will be held.

June 3 ~ Shannon P. Laws
July 1 ~ Donna Rushing
August 5 ~ Jim Bertolino & Anita K. Boyle
September 2 ~ Nancy Canyon

See you there!

for Keri Sherlock*

August 31, 2014

Donna Rushing - for Keri Sherlock
for Keri Sherlock
(murdered in Mt. Baker area at age 20, 1998)
By Donna Watson Rushing
2014 Merit Award

don’t go, sister, up that bright mountain
with that man. he will not recognize
the holiness either of you or of the mountain
will desecrate those sacred places

don’t go with him, daughter, in your blessed body
he does not remember the sacredness
of even his own life, has forgotten
where his hatred started
with a cold heart that barely beats
he regards you, who are truly loved

don’t go, my friend, up that winding road
your fear is your heart’s voice, straining to be heard
it is your mother’s voice, reminding you
we do not walk in fear without a reason

hush, listen … the stream is your blood
the wind, your own breath
that bird’s call, your beating heart’s song
you will be free
be kindest, daughter
to yourself

*Copyright 2014 by Donna Watson Rushing. Broadside designed and illustrated by Anita K. Boyle, Egress Studio.